Do you have an event coming up where you would like balloons? Then contact us today to ask what we can do. This is a new product that we are bringing out and we require testers to help us build our portfolio. Have a look at the images below to see the offer and click the link below the images to contact us about your enquiry! This offer is valid from 1st April 2024 until 30 April 2024 at 23:59.

April 2024 Event Decorations Speciall Offer

Are you planning an event for 2024? Is it an event where you need event decorations? Then take advantage of our amazing special offer for bespoke packages! We can decorate any type of event including (but not limited to): weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, sporting events and much more! We have all types of decor from chair linen and table linen to large canopy trees and arches. Have a look at our price list using the link below to see the items we have available! This offer is valid from 1st April 2024 until 30 April 2024 at 23:59.

April 2024 Magic Mirror Offer

Massive savings on our magic mirror hire when booked in April 2024! Save 25% on any package with the chance of free items as well! T&C's apply. This offer is valid from 1st April 2024 until 30 April 2024 at 23:59.

Wedding set up 28.3.24

On Thursday 28th March 2024, we had the delight of setting up the wedding for Stacey and her now husband. We was in 2 locations for this event. The first was a new location for us being Sunbridge Road Mission in Bradford. The ceremony was being held here. It was a nice spacious and light venue which did not need too much decor. From there, the couple and their guests went to Holdsworth House in Halifax for the wedding breakfast and after party. We have worked here before and find this to be quite a nice and fairly intimate venue. Again, this type of venue does not need too much decor. 

Doncaster Racecourse Wedding Exhibition 24

On Sunday 17th March 2024 we was at Doncaster racecourse showing off some of our new stock! Watch the video below :)

Just a few pics from the same exhibition

Payment plans

We are delighted to announce that we are now able to accept payment plans from all of our customers. We done a trial recently and it was a roaring success with plenty of feedback informing us that it is more suitable and less stressful having this available. We find that it may help more customers spread the cost of their order instead of worrying about getting the bulk of it up by the due date. The full payment (original payment method) is still available if you choose.

All payment plans are interest free so you pay 0% interest on whichever option you choose.

If you choose to pay weekly or pay month, you will be required to pay a reduced date confirmation fee/deposit whichever is applicable to your order(s). 

Also, on top of that, if you choose the pay weekly or pay monthly option, we will decrease your order by 2.5% for choosing this option!

We have also added terms and conditions for our payment plan options for you to view. They are ready available with our standard terms and conditions using the link below to go to our important information page where you can download our T&C's.

25.1.2024 events

So, today, we started at Malmaison in Leeds and then moved on to The Mustard Pot in Chapel Allerton, Leeds later in the day. To see some images from the events, click the link below that will take you to our completed events page.


Paypal payment option

We have now added the paypal payment option to our invoicing service. When we send you an invoice via email, you will find an option in the email to pay any part of that invoice. We want to make life for our customers as easy and secure as possible and from research, we have found many customers feel safe using paypal. The other payment options that are still available are: Bank transfer (our bank details are on all invoices) pay in cash to us and also, pay by card machine in person.

Update to Memorable Decorations LTD Terms and Conditions

By clicking the link below, you will be able to download our updated terms and conditions which inform all current and potential customers of any potential issues with moving any decor provided by Memorable Decorations LTD. This has occurred in light of recent events with items being moved and damaged beyond repair.

Moving of items owned by Memorable Decorations LTD for your event

Due to recent events, we are stating this again and will be clamping down on this. We do not allow any customer, guest or venue staff to move any of our items before, during or after any booked event. All items owned by Memorable Decorations LTD can only be moved by Memorable Decorations LTD staff. This is applies in particular to our 8ft canopy trees, candy cart, 4ft letters of any variety and our 4ft blossom tree centrepieces. If you require any items at all moved, you must have the express permission of the owners (not staff but owners) of Memorable Decorations LTD. If you do not have this permission, then no one has permission to move our stock under any circumstances unless it is an emergency for health and safety reasons which we will require evidence of such as, a report from the fire brigade or in writing from the on duty manager or supervisor of the venue explaining the reason(s) for the move of our items. 

We have recently come across items that have been damaged such as 4ft blossom trees along with our 8ft canopy trees which has resulted in damage to each of the items. 

The customer will therefore have to forfeit their deposit as per our T&C's due to the damage caused. If our items are moved without our express consent whether there is damage or not, we will seek a percentage of your deposit for you to forfeit due to negligence on your behalf. Whilst our items are at your venue, they are under your care and you are liable for any damages whether you caused them or not. 

Our T&C's will be updated in the very near future to incorporate this. 

If you require any items moved no matter how small, then a further move charge will be required. 

The standard charge for any items moved without the consent of the owners of Memorable Decorations LTD will be £50 from your refundable deposit. This is for any small items. We have found small centrepieces to be moved and lost by venues or even some venues have taken centrepieces which they thought were their items which it is clear they are not.

If any large items are moved such as: 4ft blossom tree, 4ft LED letters, Candy cart, crisp wall, 6ft doughnut wall, 8ft canopy trees, arches of any kind, magic mirror or any other item that is a minimum of 4ft, then you the customer will forfeit the full deposit that you have paid to us that could potentially be refunded. 

LUFC football stadium Xmas party

A christmas party decorated by us and our magic mirror for a christmas party organised by Emily of The Big World. Some fun people who enjoyed our magic mirror.

Major upgrades of our website

We are in the process of making major upgrades to our website. We would like to apologise to all visitors of our website for any inconvenience. We are aiming to make the website a better visit including plenty NEW ITEMS available for hire and purchase! We thank you for your patience. 

Brand new centrepiece available for hire!

You can now hire our acrylic balloon stand for your centrepiece! This can be used for any occasion and can be designed to just how you want it! Various colours and style available! Prices start from just £15 per stand. Definitely something different!

Our Gifts and stationery page is now live!

Are you looking for gifts? Then look no further! We have a range of items available including bride prep kits, hen party starter kits and seasonal gifts!

Looking for a christmas gift for your little? Then have a look at our brand new page for christmas gifts INCLUDING our AMAZING christmas bundles! Bundle prices start at just £14.50!

Click the link to go straight to the page and order today!
The first 5 orders of EACH bundle will receive a 10% discount! Limited availability. Order yours whilst stocks last. Last orders November 30, 2023. Guarenteed delivery or collection before christmas. Delivery will be via Royal mail 24 hour tracked and is priced at £3.99 per package up to 2kgs.

New prices, updated packages, new magic mirror package and updated T&C's

Due to supplier costs, delivery costs and maintenance cost, we have had to increase some prices. We have had the luxury of decreasing some prices to try and remain as affordable as possible. We have also done some work to our packages for our decor and magic mirror. We have decreased the size of our packages slightly which has in turn, decreased the prices. We aim to remain as affordable as possible for all budgets as we know planning a wedding is not an easy task or particularly cheap either. We have added a brand new magic mirror package to allow us to keep costs as low as possible. It is digital only which means you still get the luxury of the images available straight away for an even better cost. We have changed our deposit policy also! It is just £50 to confirm your date and then a "security" deposit is required depending on the size of your order. This will allow us to again keep the costs down. All information is in each relevant section. All prices are for those who book from October 2 2023 and onwards. All bookings prior to this date will remain at the previous price/package prices and quantities.

Damage and/or Excess cleaning charges

Due to continuous damages to items, we will be making the following changes:

Any damages that Memorable Decorations LTD have to repair, there will be an automatic £10 charge for every 30 minutes of time expected to have to repair any items that has been damaged whilst under the care of the customer that can be repaired.

For any excess cleaning required to any items that require further cleaning than the standard clean, there will be an automatic £10 charge for every 30 minutes of time expected to have to re-clean any items that has been damaged whilst under the care of the customer that can be repaired.

Any items that require repairing and/or extra cleaning will have the costs of the repair and/or extra cleaning ADDED to the initial minimum £10 charge. This will include but not limited to; cleaning chemicals, cleaning tools, painting materials, painting tools, repair tools and any other repair materials required.

Each item will be evaluated by a member of staff within 2 working days after the event and the customer will be informed upon request for bank details for the deposit refund. 

If more than 30 minutes is required to repair and/or carry out extra cleaning, the time will be added at 30 minute intervals. This means, that for every 30 minutes, there will be a £10 charge for the work. This is to ensure that all work is paid for accurately by the customer. 

All funds will be taken from the customers deposit as to ensure the customer does not worry about having to pay any more towards damages/extra cleaning requirements. 

If the repairs and/or extra cleaning process(es) costs is more than the deposit, then Memorable Decorations LTD will keep the full refundable deposit as payment and no further action will be required by the customer.

You will be notified within 7 days as per our process explained prior to confirming your date and in our T&C's as the amount of deposit to be refunded if applicable.

CAZ - Clean Air Zone Bradford

Due to the clean air zone in Bradford, we will have to pass on these charges to customers accordingly. Anyone who has a event in Bradford or any time we have to travel via Bradford for an event, we will be charged the clean air zone fee. The current fee for our current vehicle is £9 per day. We will inform each customer prior to the day via the invoicing and receipt paperwork we send. You will see this charge near the bottom as "CAZ". It will only be charged if we are required to go into Bradford either for an event or as part of the route to the event.

T&C's updated

We have updated our T&C's due to new stock we have aquired. Please see our Important information section to download our updated T&C's.

What a first year!

So, we are now November 2022 and we have officially been decorating for 1 year! We decorated our first event which was a birthday on 13th November 2021 (just under a year). We feel we have gone from strength to strength and grown so much as a company in this time. We have some lows BUT, some MEGA highs! We have met some amazing couples and amazing families. Please have a look at the images just below to see our favourite pics that we have taken ourselves or been given by couples! We had an amazing year and are excited for the next year. We couldn't have done this without you all including those who did not give the best reviews! We couldn't have perfect reviews every time otherwise we would not improve! We can only learn from the amazing people who book our services and those people will also give other potential customers a good feel to us. Me personally, if i saw a company with 5 star reviews everywhere i would be a little suspicious just because no one is perfect straight away! Bring on 2023...lets get these parties decorated! We are hoping in the next few weeks to start a blog to give advice to anyone planning a wedding! For now, if you would like any advice to start...explore other vendors before booking everything with a venue! We cannot stress this enough. We know from personal experience and advice of our customers that all in all, you could save over £500 per wedding just on getting external suppliers. We are not saying you MUST go external however, look around before you commit to the venue!

Recent event Images

As we are now completing recent events, we are able to advertise some of our stock in use so it shows how they could look at your event. Visit our decor gallery using the button below to see some of what we have to offer!

Have a question about anything? Get in touch with us now so we can help make your event memorable.

Have a look at all of our set packages available. With our set packages, there all savings in each package. The bigger the package, the bigger the saving!

About Memorable Decorations LTD

Memorable Decorations LTD was founded in August 2021 by Glenn and Penny Fryers. Glenn and Penny got married in June 2021 and that is the inspiration for Memorable Decorations LTD. 

We decided to try and help others feel the joy and happiness us and our guests felt on our wedding day by providing this service to others. We hire a wide variety of decoration items and do all the hard work for you. We have items that range from chair covers to 10x20ft twinkle backdrops. Our prices are as low as possible as we know first hand how expensive a wedding can be. We also do the work for you so you are not worrying about any decor on the weeks leading up to your wedding and not having to worry about putting the decor out on the day. 

We have learnt a lot through professional courses, customer feedback and completing events. 

We service the Yorkshire region and surrounding areas. We keep in regular contact with each customer so you feel comfortable and assured that you are getting the best service possible so we can help make your day memorable.

Visit our gallery for some of our completed work and some of the stock we have available.

What events do Memorable Decorations LTD decorate?

We can decorate almost any event that is celebrated. Below is a list of just some of the events that we can and/or have decorated.


Civil ceremonies


Baby showers

Corporate events

Hen do

Stag do



Family gatherings

Charity events

Why choose Memorable Decorations LTD?

At Memorable Decorations LTD, we are always talking to current and potential customers. That way, we make sure everything we have is perfect for whomever has an upcoming event.

At Memorable Decorations LTD:

All our prices are VAT free

You can change your order at any point UP TO 8 weeks prior to your event

We are fully insured

All required equipment is PAT tested

All of our linen is professionally cleaned after every event

We listen to each and every customer as a couple

We support key workers

We always go the extra mile for our customers

If we don't have it, we will try our best to get it