Important Information

Moving of items owned by Memorable Decorations LTD for your event

Due to recent events, we are stating this again and will be clamping down on this. We do not allow any customer, guest or venue staff to move any of our items before, during or after any booked event. All items owned by Memorable Decorations LTD can only be moved by Memorable Decorations LTD staff. This is applies in particular to our 8ft canopy trees, candy cart, 4ft letters of any variety and our 4ft blossom tree centrepieces. If you require any items at all moved, you must have the express permission of the owners (not staff but owners) of Memorable Decorations LTD. If you do not have this permission, then no one has permission to move our stock under any circumstances unless it is an emergency for health and safety reasons which we will require evidence of such as, a report from the fire brigade or in writing from the on duty manager or supervisor of the venue explaining the reason(s) for the move of our items. 

We have recently come across items that have been damaged such as 4ft blossom trees along with our 8ft canopy trees which has resulted in damage to each of the items. 

The customer will therefore have to forfeit their deposit as per our T&C's due to the damage caused. If our items are moved without our express consent whether there is damage or not, we will seek a percentage of your deposit for you to forfeit due to negligence on your behalf. Whilst our items are at your venue, they are under your care and you are liable for any damages whether you caused them or not. 

Our T&C's will be updated in the very near future to incorporate this. 

If you require any items moved no matter how small, then a further move charge will be required. 

The standard charge for any items moved without the consent of the owners of Memorable Decorations LTD will be £50 from your refundable deposit. This is for any small items. We have found small centrepieces to be moved and lost by venues or even some venues have taken centrepieces which they thought were their items which it is clear they are not.

If any large items are moved such as: 4ft blossom tree, 4ft LED letters, Candy cart, crisp wall, 6ft doughnut wall, 8ft canopy trees, arches of any kind, magic mirror or any other item that is a minimum of 4ft, then you the customer will forfeit the full deposit that you have paid to us that could potentially be refunded. 

Venue furniture NOT provided by Memorable Decorations LTD

Memorable Decorations LTD do NOT move venue furniture unless previously agreed with the customer. If we arrive at a venue and the furniture is not in the set up as is required we will either:

Refuse to move the furniture


Take a venue furniture move fee from your refundable deposit. This fee starts at £50 as described in our price list.


Please be sure that furniture is either set up prior to Memorable Decorations LTD arrival or, you have arranged for it to be moved whilst we are decorating the venue. We can move the furniture however, as previously stated, there will be an extra charge.

Update to T&C's

We have updated our T&C's as of 19th November 2023. There are a few changes. Please download the new T&C's below. 

Memorable Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday:

10:00 - 13:00

14:00 - 17:00


11:00 - 13:00

14:00 - 18:00



Bank Holidays are Saturday hours!

Times may differ on event days!

For visits to our office, an appointment MUST be made prior to visit. Please use our contact us form to book an appointment.

Our process:

Our process is as simple as we can make it. 

Step 1: Initial consultation where you tell us all the details;  Your contact details, the event date & location and if possible, the timings. You then continue by telling us what you expect for your decor and we work with you to make sure we can either provide exactly what you want or work to a solution that you are more than happy with. 

Step 2: We draw up an invoice and email it to you. If you are happy with the cost, you pay the deposit of JUST £50 to confirm your date. *Please note* the £50 deposit confirms your date not the order. This means you can change your order at any time up to 8 weeks prior to your event.

Step 3: If you wish, we can have a second consultation closer to the event to check everything is as it should be and if you want to make any changes or are happy with your order. 

Step 4: (May be step 3 if second consultation is not require) Final balance payment is required no later than 8 weeks prior to your event. 

Step 5: 4-6 weeks before your event, (if required) we will meet at the venue to discuss your decor set up. If you have for example, just chair covers and/or sashes, no venue meet is required. 

Step 6: You relax and be assured that your venue decor will be exactly how you want it. 

Step 7: 1-2 weeks after your event, we will catch up with you via email to make sure you was happy with our work and ask you to leave a review on google for us. 

Memorable Decorations LTD reviews

At Memorable Decorations LTD, we use google for our review process. This way, those who look for anything wedding related can see our reviews when they look for our company on google. We like to centralise our reviews to make it easier for all our customers instead of writing multiple reviews on multiple platforms (although this option is available if you choose). Please Click the link below to leave a review. 

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