Premium Lace robe set


Please select the role and name you require. If role is not listed, please contact us.

Please tell us the name you would like for each role chosen. E.g. Bride, Natalie, Maid of Honour, Lucy etc

Please tell us the colour you would like on the items. Please use contrasting colours for items e.g. White robe with black text or Green robe with white text.

Dates do not come as part of the package however, can be added at additional cost. Please select if required along with the exact date and colour you would like the date to be. THIS MUST BE PURCHASED USING THE OPTION AVAILABLE.

If you are purchasing 5 or more sets, please list the colours you would like along with the role allocated to that colour. E.g. Bride, White, Bridesmaid, Blush

Premium lace robe set:

Premium lace robe (Sizes available from S - 5Xl)

White hanger

White slippers

White flute

White eye mask

White hair tie

White bag

All items are personalised with role and name. Date can be added for an extra £0.25 upon request when ordering.

Bag may vary slightly upon collection or delivery however, will be very similar and personalised as requested.